About Isadora Angulo

Isadora Angulo, a Havana native, graduated from the renowned Superior Institute of Design (Instituto Superior de Diseño, ISDI) Havana, Cuba. She had the privilege of being part of the First Havana Biennial of Design in 2016 in Cuba and NEW YORK FASHION WEEK 2020. Isadora has her studio in Los Angeles, California.

Isadora Angulo's designs are simultaneously characters of the world and of fantasy—little portraits of the universe and dreamed atmospheres full of vibrant colors, varied textures, and clean and collaged lines.

Her shoes are crafted from up-cycled textiles, recycled objects, and crocheted knits. Through custom designs, Isadora invites her customers to unveil their own creativity, encouraging an interaction between the object and the subject, the product and the client.